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FS Rimless tower tank 24x24x30 (75gal) & stand and Pac Sun Fixture.


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I just recently broke down this 3yr old rimless tank. Its 75gal rimless deep blue tank and an R&J(well made) shiney black (great condition )stand and canopy. Has overflow in rear corner( can be left or right rear just depends how u position the tank) I also have Pac Sun LED/T5 combo.

Option 1) Whole package = tank/stand/canopy/pacificsun light fixture(led t5 combo)
The whole package is priced at $575. Not looking to negotiate. Price firm.

Option2) Tank and stand and canopy package (no light) is $290. No negotiation priced to sell.

Individual prices as follows:
Just Tank alone = $175
Stand w/ canopy = $149 (fits any 24 x 24 tank obv)
Pac Sun LED/T5 fixture $295
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