Rose bta vs rainbow bta


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so I picked up a rainbow anemone for my tank after many years away from the hobby. not sure they were even around when I got out. rose btas were the latest and greatest from what I remember.

now my rose bta was pretty big when I had it and didn't split much unless I fed it heavy for a week or so then stopped. I did this when it got like basketball size (in a 180) I was figuring the same with the rainbow but it seems to split once a month and stay the size of a baseball maybe a little bigger.
my levels have always been kept the same from back then to now except I dose with a dosing pump for alk and calcium and back in 09 I had a calcium reactor, then I had 400 watt MH and now I have LEDs (photon v2+)

is this normal for a rainbow over a rose or should I be looking at something?

alk 9.5 dkh
cal 430
mg 1300
sg 1.024

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I don't feed them but I feed the tank flake food and brine shrimp

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I both the old rose BTA and the rainbow BTA in the same tank. They seem to do about the same things at about the same times.


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It is possible if you meet all its requirements..when a nem is bleached it expelled its zooxanthellae(thank you Aquanaut)
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Ya they have slight color but pretty beat up ive been feeding almost daily small portions and seems to be coming back. Its amazing how weekly water change scehdule is realy an easy way to perk up tanks. Amazing the results Im getting from just that. Im new so im affraid to do to much to quick.

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