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Curious what everyone likes for a fish to clean sand. Some say watchman, some say sleeper some say gold headed. I have Fiji Pink sand. Don’t want to create the “sand storm” but need some turnover. I have a couple of fighting conchs and a variety of snails and hermits. Maybe an urchin or two? Looking for suggestions on a 180g.

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I had a gold head sleeper, he certainly moved the sand...

To the point every coral had a nice dusting and all of the sand from the left was on the right side after a 4 day vacation.


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My watchman goby and his candy cane shrimp partner have their little area that they dig up, but it’s just one small area. About 4 months ago I got an engineer goby and it has moved every bit if the sand several times. That might annoy some, but I enjoy watching him work. Potential issues would be if your rock is on top of the sand, it could shift and even topple over, because they will move most or all of the sand from under the rocks. The wife doesn’t like the engineer because he “Looks like a snake” but it’s my tank and I like him.

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We have a yellow watchman goby and a pistol shrimp. They dig up around their area but it's a relatively small space. We also have a dragon goby who goes around taking mouthfuls of sand and shifting through it. Doesn't really mess up the tank because it takes such small amounts of sand and moves around a lot, but it also doesn't "turn over" much sand either. We also have about 10-15 nassarius snails and a fighting conch. I'm sure they help but our sand still gets algae and other stuff growing on it. We usually clean it once every two weeks just for aesthetic purposes.

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