SeaCoast Aquatics LLC


Salt Alien
I had my first Experience today at SeaCoast Aquatics, just a mile or so from my Town of Epping. I must say, that i had a pleasant and friendly Welcome. Eric the owner, showed me around the Retail side of the place and a look at his Tanks and Livestock. I'm impressed with the setup he has. We talked Reef stuff (as you do) he is a knowledgeable and Experienced Reef Addict like myself:) I was surprised to see, the Full Range of Everything, that he carries. I am also pleased to see Aquaforest Salts and Additives. I have heard nothing, but great things about these products. I left Smiling, with a New Skimmer and 2 buckets of Probiotic Salt. A New Customer found. Highly Recommended to Visit !

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Saturday April 20, 2019
BRS April Meeting
Taunton VFW
82 Ingell St
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