Sean's Waterbox 130.4 Mixed Reef Build


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It was a fun day today! OSA hooked it up with the new Waterbox and my brother came over and helped me put it all together. Almost perfectly level but will probably be making some final adjustments tomorrow.

Everything fit like a glove in the truck and OSA’s tank loading dock is key! My tonneau cover wouldn’t close by like a half inch with the blankets / pad below the tank but I covered it up with plenty of moving blankets for the trip back.

Very impressed with the Waterbox packaging. All panels were properly protected and assembly videos made everything pretty easy.

And there she is!! Fits nicely in my man cave. I can see the full tank while watching TV from my couch. Can’t wait! Overall, very impressed with the build quality minus having an issue with one of the door magnet mechanisms.


Still not loving that the drop ceiling is only 22” above the tank because of possible moisture / evaporation issues. Thinking about putting in some better moisture resistant panels above the tank or something. How far do you guys typically place your tanks off the wall?


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Starting in on the control panel design for the smaller side of the WB cabinet... no messy wiring this time around. Planning to have the panel removal with cabinet magnets.


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What’s the bottom piece (black rectangle)?
Desk grommet assembly that I can pull the Ecotech drivers through without disassembly of internal wiring harness. Wasn’t sure if the new MP40’s came as one complete wired assembly still or not so wanted an easy way to remove if need be.


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Got the waterproof, in cabinet LED strip lighting installed and got the control panel mounted with knobs / cabinet magnets for easy removal for access to power blocks and wiring behind. Ordered all the equipment for the tank and waiting for arrival to start buttoning things up!

Need to make one final equipment decision and it’s an important one, the skimmer:
Nyos Quantum 160
Reef Octopus 150/200 Elite SSS w/ Varios

Both options have internal pumps which is a requirement for my sump size to leave room for other equipment in skimmer section. Thoughts?





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Conversion fittings from metric to standard should be arriving today and I’ve been working on a manifold design to replace the Waterbox plumbing. Few questions:

1. I see gate valves to regulate flow on most manifolds which goes against everything I know of water flow principles. Should I go with gate valves or true union ball valves on the manifold? I was planning to run them full 3/4” and reduce to 1/2” after the valve.

2. I see an awful lot of “bullhead tees” in aquarium return piping which also goes against water flow principles but seems to be widely used in reef tanks all over. Thoughts?

3. See the manifold options below. Let me know what you guys think would be the best options.


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