Sean's Waterbox 130.4 Mixed Reef Build


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It’s been a while since I posted so catching up... tank has been up for 2.5 months or so now. All levels have stabled out nicely. Clean up crew and blood shrimp still going strong on ghost feedings. Whitetail Bristletooth Tang has completed quarantine and will be going into the DT this week!

Few changes and tank updates:
Added a set of gyres to the back wall to take care of dead spots below the rock structure.

Added an older iPad I had and a new mount in the controller side of cabinet for easier adjustability and control while working on the tank. Cut a piece of acrylic to keep the salt creep at bay above the filter socks. Still working on a better way to level it off.

My new lid is cut and shipping out this week. Fabio and the guys at Safe Top Lids were great to work with! I’ll post more pictures when the final product comes in.

Can’t wait to get another round of fish into QT and keep this going forward. Slowly but surely... enjoying the ride!


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First fish, whitetail Bristletooth tang made it through QT and into the display tank. He’s loving it and doing well!

Made up a piece of acrylic with some feet to control salt creep above the filter sock section.


New lid arrived and it is awesome. Glad I waited for this Safe Top Lid. Fits like a glove.


Off to vacation in NH at a lake house for a week and time to restart QT process on the next back of fish when I return. Added an AFS, larger 10 gallon tank for additional ATO and set up a cheap webcam to monitor the tank.


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Lights have been on for about a month now, ramping up slowly. Haven’t tested par yet but will be in the near future. Have a good amount of bright green algae building up but I’m letting it ride and keeping the AWC going / testing.

I have some new additions in QT, pair of Onyx C-Quest clowns. I’ve always been a sucker for the darker colored clowns.

And my new Geo calcium reactor and secondary chamber came in today! Had them change up the colors to better match my color scheme and this thing is a beast!



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Life’s been a little busy between the little one, work and traveling with the paintball team but I’m getting back on the tank grind. Pumped to watch football in my man cave with a perfect view of the tank and the TV haha. Accent lighting on the TV matches the tank pretty well too. Hopefully going to get my calcium reactor set up this week as well.


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