FS selling all my stuff at dirt cheap 75 gallon

i was a member a few years ago , i had a bad day when my 75 sprang a leak i gave all my fish and coral away , after that i bought a new 75 tank drilled in the middle i never got back into it now i have a lot off equipment that is been in my basement for a long time and they need to go. im located in chelsea ma
75 gall tank new unused
marco rock dry,
a couple of skimmers
and more
Manny strassburger


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What do you have for a light?

Do you have a pic of the Marco rocks? Were they ever used?

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hi all .
more info
75 rr outlets are on the back is drill on the back not in the corner but a little toward the middle maybe a foot.
old stand for it
stand and tank goes together 150.
bank of lights 100.
sump and skimmer 100.
marco rock between 40. to 60 pounds 50.00 it was never in used however it was started to get it ready and was in salt water until i just gave up and took it out and let it dry .
and other misc equipment and parts ,
all has been in my basement for a few years
let me know what are you interested and i will send you more info or pictures mstrassbur@aol..com


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We are accepting donations for the auction . Anything you don’t/can’t get rid of someone can pick t up for you and t will benefit the club in the end.

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hello all , i got a few inquires on this stuff , mostly from non members , iwill say to all of them to join the club , membership is so cheap for all the stuff you can get, at this time i will not sell this here. if you want to got to the auction and buy there and join the club,

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