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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by bdaley, May 17, 2017.

  1. bdaley

    bdaley Well-Known Member BRS Member

    good day,

    This has been a very crazy year and a half, with the house fire, buying a new house and now a new position that takes me out of the country for 1/3 of the year. with that said I am selling everything I own reef and fresh.
    Here is a link to the new reef tank, a fully pimped out Redsea 525xl. you get all the live stock also.


    Also 2 other small reef ready tanks with hard wood stands a 58g and a 45g? on the second one, there is also a 120g fresh water set up tank stand and hood. loads of bins filled with pumps, power heads, there is a gyre 130 in that also. various other tanks 40b, 30b , there are sumps, two brand new skimmers , I have a tall 80gal RO holding tank and mixing station I just bought from a member. There is way to much to list.

    I am looking for 6500.00 for everything and it is well worth it even if you buy and part out, I do not have the time or desire to part it out. The 525 and 120 are both up and running. I can help with the tear down since I am not due to depart this qtr just want to get the ball rolling on the reduction of care my wife will have to do while I am out of the area.
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  2. bdaley

    bdaley Well-Known Member BRS Member

  3. s_kelley

    s_kelley Well-Known Member Moderator BRS Member

    Congrats on the new position, but bad to see ya getting out of the hobby. If you weren't 2 hrs away I'd come scoop those awesome zoanthids you have!
  4. bdaley

    bdaley Well-Known Member BRS Member

    I will be back in time I am sure but if I keep it in the house , well you all know how that goes.
  5. Spudsly

    Spudsly Non-member

    Just a heads up, only members can see those links.
  6. bdaley

    bdaley Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Good point, thank you.
  7. bdaley

    bdaley Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Also have all the receipts for everything on the 525Xl.
  8. malawinovice

    malawinovice Non-member

    Pics always help
    Let us know when parting out
  9. bdaley

    bdaley Well-Known Member BRS Member

    the link I provided has the pictures of the build, and the second link current coral live stock, I will be updating the post soon with just the RedSea 525xl setup since that seems what people are most interested in. Will not part out other than the live stock, would just store it for later use since it has only been wet since Aug.
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  10. SteveDola

    SteveDola Good Tings BRS Member

    cant see pictures unless youre a paid member. you might want to post for all to see to increase your market exposure.
  11. firstimer

    firstimer Well-Known Member BRS Member

    What do you have for livestock?
  12. Joe Rice

    Joe Rice Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator Officer BRS Member

    Just to clarify: all users - even guests - can see pictures. But those links are to a thread in the Members Only forum.
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  13. SteveDola

    SteveDola Good Tings BRS Member

    upload_2017-5-24_8-35-53.png maybe its just me?
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  14. ThunderGoose

    ThunderGoose Active Member BRS Member

    Same as SteveDola, I appear to be logged in but can't get to the links.
  15. SteveDola

    SteveDola Good Tings BRS Member

    members only...i just saw that. ok.
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  16. ironwood

    ironwood Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Hi, I'm interested, what do you have left? Thanks
  17. bdaley

    bdaley Well-Known Member BRS Member

    ok sorry with the website change I am no longer getting notifications like I used to get. Here are some of the pictures that were in the links, I will lost the live stock pictures this weekend, still would like to sell it as one package.

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  18. bdaley

    bdaley Well-Known Member BRS Member

  19. bdaley

    bdaley Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Ok Live stock is the first to go. Every in the pictures even the Real Reef rock 800.00. Some highlights. Large colony of LTR Incinerators, Non morphed Spidermans from MACNA, Utter Chaos, Pink elephant ears, goblins on fire, too many to list you can see these arent small colonies for the most part. all the fish are healthy and eat everything. The cardinal's are a breeding pair, the clowns are from Rick, he picked them out for future breeding AA+. This price is a steal and I am not haggling.
    Here is the link, let me know if you are having issues, I never used Photobucket before.

    I can be reached at 401-256-3175, I am located in southern NH not RI

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  20. bdaley

    bdaley Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Fish are now all sold. Next to go is the corals and rock. All coral and rock, the rock is 90% Real Reef rock. 650.00, please see the photo bucket and text any questions you may have. The Octospawn is sold. All other corals are avail also there is a large yellow Yuma and Baby. in the price.

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