FS Selling off all fish (Marlborough): Harlequin Tusk, Goldflake Angel, Hippo Tang, Black Ice Clowns, etc.

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Unfortunately due to frequent business trips, my tank has been neglected. My fish have been well cared for by my wife, but not my corals :( Anyways, because of this I will be selling off my 125 gallon tank, starting with the livestock. I have had most fish for several years, with the latest fish I bought being almost a year ago.

For all fish, pickup in Marlborough, MA.

Here is the list of fish, all of which I will need to catch (in a 125 gallon reef tank, which can be quite difficult!):
-Large Australian Harlequin Tusk (6-7") - $250
-Large Goldflake Angel from Christmas Island; fat and healthy! (6") - $350
-Medium Flame Angel (3") - $80 (Pending pickup)
-Flame Hawkfish (2.5") - $50 (Pending pickup)
-Small Hippo Tang (3") - $80
-Bonded pair of clowns (3.5", black ice maybe?) -These were hosted by my rainbow bubbletips - $150
-Male Melanurus Wrasse (Halichoeres melanurus) - $60 (SOLD!)
-Female Leopard Wrasse (Macropharyngodon bipartitus) - $50 (SOLD!)

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