Significant end of year GIVEAWAYS!!!

Hello reef enthusiasts,

3 free corals with any order of $150 or more (not including shipping) now until Dec 21st! Place an order and in the CHECK OUT NOTES write us a note letting us know that you want a free coral! You can specify what "types" of coral you want. For example you can request 1 sps, 1mushroom, and 1 zoo. Or you can request all three frags to be LPS. Whatever combo you want. We will decide what exact corals will go into each pack but feel free to make REASONABLE requests and we will certainly do our best to consider them.

Just a few samples of the corals that are currently on sale!!! Many are 50% off!!! This is a really good opportunity to load your tank up with color before winter hits in full swing.

25% off all ULTRA Rock Flowers!

31% off ATL Shades of Fall acros!

$150 off the hottest clown fish on the market....Sea and Reefs BLACK STORMS!!! These are WYSIWYG purchases. Just click on the link in the product description to view the dozens available!

Check out all our sales before supplies run out!

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