Snowflake eel and ICH HELP PLEASE

Discussion in 'Reef Talk' started by USNDoc, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. USNDoc

    USNDoc Non-member

    Question all. Would the introduction of a snowflake eel into my tank cause my fish to get and die ? I have 125 gal HAD Arabian angel sailfin tang and Tomini tang and currently still have coral beauty angelfish. I introduced snowflake eel then next day or two 3 fish dead from ICH Also with coral beauty angelfish are they pretty hearty fish that they have harder time getting ICH cause she eats well and still shows no signs of ICH

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  2. wdebenedettojr

    wdebenedettojr Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Introducing a new fish is stressful for everything in the tank. Sounds like the new fish addition probably stressed out everyone that they got a bad outbreak. Chances are that your fish already were exposed to ich before and it was a managed situation adding fish starts that. I just had a similar thing happen to me. I added one fish and wiped out all of my fish because of a bad outbreak. So I bought a QT tank. Best way to avoid outbreaks is to qt all new fish in a separate tank with a copper based medicine for 3-4 weeks.

    CAPSLOCK Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator BRS Member

    I don't think ich usually acts that fast - could be something like velvet that acts faster.
  4. jah-hoeva

    jah-hoeva Well-Known Member BRS Member

    ^I agree.
  5. JohnK

    JohnK Member Staff Member Moderator BRS Member

    3rd that. Ick doesn't kill overnight.

    Also IIRC eels are more or less immune to ick (I could be entirely wrong on this, it's been a while since I hit the books....)
  6. Bendint

    Bendint Nothing good happens fast BRS Member

    +1 on velvet and ich not acting that fast also it could've stressed the fish out but all three seems to be a lot is it possible you didn't see or notice the ich until after the new addition

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  7. dz6t

    dz6t Acro Garden, BRS Sponsor BRS Member

    Where did you get the eel? From a store or a reefer?
    If is was wild, it might carry some virus that can wipe out your fish.
    Is the eel still alive?
  8. Tim190

    Tim190 Well-Known Member BRS Member

    I have two foot Snowflake eel in my tank for six months now. All my 20 fish's and 10 shrimp no problem.

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