Sold Softie Pack 6 for $40.00 plus free macroalgae


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Hey All,

The office frag tank is filling up and I need to make room.

Each pack is $40. Pick up in Hingham MA. Each pack will include 6 corals as follows:

1 each of Neon green clove polyps, Neon orange/yellow clove polyps, scrambled egg zoas, green frilly Mushroom and 2 frags of bright pink/orange zoas (I think they were sold to me as Gobstoppers but it was years ago).

All frags have 5 or more polyps and all clove polyps have 2-4 polyps.

Will also throw in some Chaeto or Calurpa for free depending on what I harvest that day.

PM to set up a pickup.



  • EDP_coral_neon_grn_clove_polyps.png
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  • EDP_Coral_Orange_Yellow_clove_polyps.png
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  • EDP_Coral_scrambled egg zoas.png
    EDP_Coral_scrambled egg zoas.png
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  • EDP_Gobbstopper_Zoas.png
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  • EDP_Grn_Frilly_Mushroom.png
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Interested in zoas and euphylia. Got anything good???
Got both of those! I’ll pm you. I’m going to be very busy tonight I’ll try getting back to u tomorrow you can check out some of what I have fs on my fs post. I’ll talk to you soon!


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Thanks for the awesome generous frag pack! The cloves have started to open already! Can’t wait for the firework cloves!


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Hey All. First batch is gone. If you were in touch and trying to get a pack, please PM me as I may be fragging and putting a few more together this weekend. Thanks, Eric
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