WTT Softies for trade


Hi all,

I have some softies to tade. Frags will be cut to fresh and NOT attached; however. I can supply some rubble if needed with the frags.

The first is a light blue with green tip sinularia. (Too left in the pic). I can cut small 1" frags, or I have 2 large 3+" stalks I can cut.


Second is a light tan finger coral. Depending on lighting it gets hints of green on the polyps. I can cut 1" singles or multi-branch 2+" frags.


Again, these will be cut to order so not attached.

I also have a boatload of these bright green pallys (not the orange zoas) as well. Trade or i can throw some in if you grab one if the others.


I am looking for a frag of Greg Hillar's long polyp toadstool, rics and zoas or any other interesting softie you may have.

Thanks for looking!


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Would you be interested in about a seven inch branch of this gorgonian, for a piece of the sinularia?


Nothing specific honestly. As 9f right now I have orange BamBams..I think thats their name...and some green palys.

Looking to add some color really. I dont really know all the designer names so use your judgment lol. Sending you a PM

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