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My corals are starting to grow and my tank is getting crowded. Some of the corals are starting fights. So I've decided to offer up several for sale. Photos are taken under blues so color might not be accurate.

Acan - small but several heads and growing - $15 - Pending
Duncan - good sized, over a dozen heads, currently pouting because it was stung by an anemone. I expect she'll perk back up since the anemone has been moved. - kinda don't want to see her go - $50
Galaxea - healthy but with very, very long sweepers. A good example of why you shouldn't impulse buy at a frag swap. - $20
Gorgonians - several of several different types - $5 each - Pending
BRANCHING bright green GSP - free - I have plenty I'm trying to remove from rocks.

Pick up in Beverly

for sale acan.jpg

Acan is not this blue
Duncan - notice many of the heads are pouting. I think they'll come back out pretty quickly.
for sale duncan.jpg

Not a great photo of the galaxea. The tentacles are being pushed around by flow. Sweepers are very, very long
for sale galaxia.jpg
Gorgonian 1 and 2 are this type - accurate color! one pending, one still available
for sale gorgonian 2.jpg

Gorgonian 3 - not this purple - pending
for sale gorgonian 3.jpg

Gorgonian 4 - pending
for sale gorgonian 4.jpg
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I still have everything except several of the gorgonians.

I might be willing to trade for the refractometer if it is in working condition.

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