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If you are looking for Weldon in the MetroWest area ... The Spare Time Hobby shop in Marlboro ... in the same strip mall next to Monnick's has some equiv. stuff that's working fine on my wavebox kluge. ... seems close to the #3.

If I was doing a tank or a sump ... I 'd still get Weldon, but for a quick project ... it will save a trip to Boston.
Black Silicone

Just posting this up so if anyone needs/wants to know the name of a strong black silicone used for building glass tanks. I searched many threads, and none of them really said the name/brand. This should act as a quick easy search.

I sent out a few PM's and they gave me the info I was looking for.

Thanks Guys!

GE Silicone RTV103 Black
GE Silicone RTV108 Clear



Info About the Product

Hope this helps anyone that needs the info.


Source for acrylic and other plastics. I just picked up some black acrylic from them and they cut it to size for me on the spot.

Hart Supply Co.
50 Pond Park Road
Hingham, MA 02043-4300
(781) 749-4000
I get my hardwoods from Downs & Reader in Stoughton. I get my plywood and veneer plywood from Boulter Plywood in Somerville. I get my VG fir from Sterritt Lumber in Watertown. Cabinet hardware from Rockler in Cambridge or Woodcraft in Woburn. I bought PVC angle for supporting canopies from US Plastic, and they kindly sent me a booklet about giving my life to Christ! Thanks US Plastics :p