South Shore get together

It's been a while since the last South Shore gathering.

I'm going to offer my place for a "Pot Luck Cookout" on July 21st Starting at 3:00 and going until sometime after night fall. If interested please post here or PM me.


I will PM everyone that replies with my address. I really don't want the whole world to know where the party's at....This will also allow me to have a general idea of a head count.

I do have an above ground pool, so bring some swim wear if interested.
Sounds like fun!! I will definetely be there with food....:D Whose up for lil smokies in BBQ sauce?:rolleyes:

Cool! Mauro will be in Jersey but I'll be happy to join the fun. I'll make potato salad or a dessert.
You highjacking my grandma's tater salad recipe???:eek: Shame on you!(make a lot so we get doggie bags..and not just for snoopy and charlie....:D )
I will supply Hot dogs, burgers and the associated condiments. We will also have soda on hand. plastic ware,plates, cups etc will be on hand also.

I would suggest bringing a lounge chair we have a few but it's better to be safe than sorry. As mentioned earlier swimming suits if you plan on jumping in the water.

Please let me know if your planning on attending. Thanks.

Gina McReeferson

My sweet Baby David
David and I will try to make it as well. We're a bit on a time constaint right now as we are moving and need to get a few "tank" things done ASAP before the move, but we certainly enjoy spending time with our South Shore friends so we'll try to make the trip.

Brian, we'll let you know by midweek if that's ok.


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I wish we had that weekend available (company in town)
It's always fun to get up there with you guys!

Have a Ball !

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