Sponges. As I was washing my car yesterday I was thinking about sponges. I added this light blue sponge to my tank maybe 15 years ago and the thing really took off. I feel that is a good thing because for it to grow like that it has to be filtering a lot of gunk out of my water which is probably why it looks like gin. I may have accidently spilled a bottle of gin in there but I am not sure.
The sponge tries to grow over everything but it is very easy to trim with an Xacto knife or razor blade.
I feed my tank a lot of clams and there is a lot of clam juice that comes from that. Corals love clam juice (I think) but I am sure the sponge sucks it all up. Sponges filter about 20,000 times their own weight of seawater every day so I am sure all of my water goes through my sponges every day.
I wrote this about sponges a couple of years ago:


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I believe I have the same blue sponge covering all the right bottom side of the tank.

In the full tank picture you can see it like a big shadow with blue pieces. It is huge. Zoom the picture on that section.

Some upside down pictures


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