FS SPS frag pack


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I have a very nice SPS frag pack. These are all very large frags with multiple branches, most are 2" or larger. Price is $200 pickup in Exeter, NH or Billerica during the week.
Pack includes:
Upscales Microclados 2"+
Red Planet 2"+
Crazy green and purple Acro 2"+
Green Spongodes 2"+
purple pocillopore ~1.5" with 2 branches
Tricolor ~1" but with multiple branches
Green Slimmer 2 kinds once has crazy PE both 2"
Blue acro 3"
Line in the Sky 1.5"
bublegum digi crazy color2-3" with multiple branches

Again the are huge pieces, I could do another pack if more than one person is interested.


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