Sold Stand/Canopy & Lighting System - Price Drop


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R&J Maple Xtreme stand (for GLASS tanks only) and canopy (36x18) - tall canopy for reef lighting
Canopy is piano lid top and also has front doors that open for feeding, etc.
Lighting - Aquatic Life T5HO 4 bulb 36 inch with moon lights - programmable - suspension cables included with suspension bar inside canopy

Lights and stand are 5.5 years old - slight water damage to decorative trim on stand from water leak when a tank seal breached
Current bulbs have about 6 mos use
I upgraded to new system and trying to get rid of this.

$150 for it all


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Price reduced to $75 for stand, canopy, lights and suspension cables for lighting.
Lights new were ~$329 and stand and cabinet were custom from R&J and ~$950
Well maintained and very good deal.
(At this price, lights alone are worth it, but needs to be sold as package deal as need to make space in garage.)
Location in RI.


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Price Drop to $60 - need space in garage

R&J Maple Xtreme 65g stand and canopy (could hold 40g glass tank like breeder with less volume, but same dimensions 36x18)
Aquatic Life T5HO with ATI bulbs (fully timed system with AM, PM, Daytime, Moon settings) and suspension cables
4 bulb 36 inch lighting - Three 39W BLUE PLUS and one 39W Purple Plus

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