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This past weekend getting anxious for the 180 I’m building I picked up a powder blue tang to keep in my 90 for the next two weeks until I upgrade tanks.

Big surprise....it had ich from the store, and I didn’t quarantine it like a fool. Now my Kole and Purple Tang have Ich as well. Yellow seems ok but I’ll quarantine him too.

My question is, what is the best means of treating Ich. Its probably been spoken of a dozen times on the forums but I couldn’t find much. Looking for others opinions. I just set up two quarantine tanks I plan on running around 1.12 salinity. On top of that I was going to run the temp around 80-82 degrees an dose an anti fungal treatment. Food will be selcon soaked dry foods and nori

Any input helps. Really don’t want to lose 4 tangs and potentially everything else (Wrasse/angels)


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Copper is in my experience the best treatment for ich. However copper lingers in a tank and kills inverts so it has to be strictly in a QT tank only.

In my 30 gallon hospital tank I run copper, treat the fish for 3-4 weeks in the copper before adding to my display. Make sure you follow the directions and get a good test kit to monitor the levels as if it’s to high it’s deadly. To low and your not doing anything.

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Sounds like a PITA and I've never done it, but my reefer friend swears by the tank transfer method.
I would not use copper to treat a fish. Never had any luck with it. I control the ick by using a very UV sterilizer and get the fish to eat and then feed it very heavily.


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Well, spent a while trying to catch them today. No shot without destroying sps or ripping apart all of the rocks. Not sure what to do at this point. Purple tang already seems fine when he was covered yesterday. Kole looks rough and I’d imagine the PBT will get worse.

Other than keep the tank clean with excess carbon and a bunch of selcon soaked nori, I’m not sure what to do. Guess just wait it out and see

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I’ve never had ich in any of my tanks over the years ( knock on my head )
So not really prepared like most people. I’d be running around scratching my head as well :rolleyes:
I had the same problem last week with a PBT i got, took all the fish out the tank treating with cupramine for the next two months
The best way for me to catch my fish is take a 7-8” glass panel the height of the tank put it in a corner of the tank with a 3” opening feed the fish inside the corner move the panel to trap the fish when the enter to eat

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Catching the fish in an established tank can be a pain but can be done. I’ve moved rock and coral to get the fish. Also had luck with a fish trap.

Tank transfer method is one of the best ways if it is ich. If it’s something else, TTM will not Work and meds and or dips are required.