FS Tank break down sale - Just Equipment left


Breaking down my tank and leaving the hobby. Not enough time with 3 kids and all the other hobbies. All fish are healthy and get along. Tank has been running for a year and a half. Clownfish and Chromis were from my last tank which was setup in 2016. Pictures to follow tonight. I have some coral on the live rock but had a crash last December due to a faulty temp controller that killed most of the coral. All the fish except the Filefish were in the tank and had no negative symptoms.

Aqueon pro heaters 2x 300 watt $20ea
Aqueon pro heaters 3x 250 watt $15ea 1 left

Avast ATO and Pump, check valve, float valve and 50ft of tubing $100

LiquaGen 100gpd RODI w/ tds meter couple extra filters 2 di stages and extra di resin. $75

Two channel black box LED. $40

Refractometer $10

Coral Life 65gallon super skimmer $30

Venturi Overflow Box $15

Red Sea reefer 20 gallon sump. 3 chambers and 2 sock holders with 5 gallon gravity ato container and filter socks and media containers. $50 (19.5l x 17.25w x 14h)-pending

36gallon bow front tank and stand. Used as a salt water reservoir and hospital tank. $30
Aquatop MR20 media reactor $20 with Seachem phosguard

Master api and salifert nitrate and phosphate test kits. Free if you buy something and want them.
Hi and sorry for writing so late are clownfish still avalible my pair just past alway and looking for a pair


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Just a few things left. I’ll give some big discounts for taking multiple things.


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Would you ship LiguaGen filter
Yes if you cover shipping. It’s pretty big and heavy but if you’re interested I can get you a shipping quote. Also replaced the sediment filter last night which was the oldest one in there.

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