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Hi guys, I’m sorry to say but I’m gonna be selling off my 20 gallon reef tank, starting with the livestock. Gonna be going to college next year and can’t take it with me, and college apps are whooping me so i haven’t had much time to do maintenance and stuff. Here’s a list of what I’m selling right now:
6-7 rainbow btas $20-30 depending on size
2 generic rfas $15 each
purple photosynthetic gorgonian $15
Large green polyp toadstool $30
Frogspawn 4-5 heads $20 (been looking a little sad recently cheap to someone who can hopefully save it)
Green mushrooms $5 per
Free astrea or trochus snail if u buy something else (limited)
yellow watchman goby $20 (probably the last thing to go cus it’s gonna be a real pain to catch)
Picasso/helmet head/designer clown $80

here’s pictures of some things


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