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Need to make some sales. Unfortantly I need to part ways with a bunch of equipment. Here is a list: I need this gone asap.

120G Oceanic dual corner overflow. Heavy duty tank. Not light. $300

18w Turbo Twist UV sterilizer $80

Reef Octopus xp 2000 w/ Avast cleaning head $200. Needs airline tubing for venturi.

ASM G1X Skimmer w/ 2 Sedra pumps. I believe an impeller needs replacing on one. $80

40G breeder. Never used $30

72G Bowfront with overflow setup. Black Stand. Glass tops. 48" Current Orbit LED with ramp timer. 48"T5 dual coralife. 20G Oceanic dual chamber sump with Mag 9 return. SCA 302 Skimmer. Rocks and sand.
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