The Fish Bowl - Fall River


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Picked up a CUC and a peppermint shrimp there today. Clean place, lots of tanks and livestock with all sorts of frags. Check it out if your in the area. Also gave me a 10% discount for being a member of BRS. A+ so far.


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No, they have been around a while I believe
They have been around for roughly 5 years at this location. There is another location also, but it escapes me as to where right now. Warwick maybe? Somewhere in RI i'm pretty sure.
Was entirely unaware they did a BRS discount though. Is this something new I didn't know about? All the times (okay, so very few times) i've bought stuff and they didn't drop a dime for me, lol.

I'm personally not a fan as they tend to lose large amounts of livestock to poor husbandry which makes me worried about the general health of what does manage to survive.
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Lots of frags?
Hardly any. The owner is a nice guy. Bought livestock over the years never had an issue.
Doesnt stock much but quality seems better than most


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i would stay clear of that place they have tons of pests in them tanks than anyother place i have ever seen and almost every fish has ich and coral prices are crazy 54.99 for a plain 1 inch prurpple mushroom or buy the 15 frags lol if there are any in that bone yard and flatworms come free and if u can stand the smell in there .there last location wasnt this bad but its gone way down hill now


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Agreed. I visited that RI location and see what you mean. It's just as bad as Fall River. Dying fish, dying corals, awful colors, high prices, awful service. I can genuinely tell you that I would shop at Petco without question before stepping foot either of these shops. And that's something I didn't think I'd ever say.

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