The Rebuild Begins.......

Hi All,

As you probably have seen, I have not had much activity on here over say the past 6 months. For those who may or may not have known, I had moved over the summer from Plaistow NH to Sandown NH. Prior to the move I had sold off almost 90% of my inventory so to lessen the risk of any losses.

I had originally anticipated to be back up and running by now but been a little delayed. I am happy to say the rebuild has finally commenced. I am hoping to be back up and running by this summer with some nice new inventory for you all to feast your eyes on.

Like before I will be operating out of my home but not will a lot more ease of access. I am in the middle of starting a basement renovation with a nice in wall display that will house all the nice goodies of colonies with the fish room behind and frag tanks.

To be continued………..

Soon to be water change station. Waiting on my new 50g drums. Everything will be tied directly into the sump. Auto top off right from the RO drum and water changes at the flip of a switch.

Stand to the left will be for a 4x2 frag tank. Controls above will be getting completely redone. Going another direction on how I am setting it up.

Quick back side shot. Still need to do some painting in the stand.

Underneath I am undecided what I will do. Right now just planning on using it for storage.

Put an outlet right about the tank with some plywood to mount an Apex EB8 that will be used to control lights and pumps.

After some thought I have decided I am going back to T5 with maybe some led supplement for pop.

Looking at the space in front of the tank I decided it would be ideal for a nice built in bar.

Counter height will be same as the tank height for some perfect viewing while having a drink.

Worked on the electrical today in that area and will be building the bar next.


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