The Rebuild Begins.......

Frag Freaks

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Woke up to a lovely bunch of blinking lights on my apex and modules today. We had a pretty bad lightning and thunder store in the area last night perhaps that had something to do with it.

Anyway narrowed it down to a bad PM2 module so looks like it will have to go in for repair.

Frag Freaks

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Started to do some plumbing for the skimmer. The return is all set. Need to work on plumbing the feed pump next. Have a few more things to do on the skimmer stand then I can power it up.



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Get that wet and get corals in so you can do the me fragtastic show!

Frag Freaks

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Finally ran electrical and plumbed the skimmer. Only ran it for a little bit today just to check for leaks etc. no real need for it yet as I only have a pair of clowns in the new system.

Also only tied up the wires for now. I am going to clean those up a little better.


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