Thoughts on all in one tank hanging over edge of stand...


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So I'm looking at possibly getting an all in one tank and I found one that I might pull the plug on my only hesitation is that my current stand is 22.5" wide and the all in one tank I'm looking at is only 23.6" wide so if I kept the current stand less than 1/2" would hang off the sides. It's a tempered bent glass all in one so I'm leaning towards it being fine but I'm still hesitant. I may just build another stand but my current stand has some sentimental value... TIA...

Chris A.

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I know that the Red Sea hangs off of the front of the stand, it looks like it’s on the stand but it’s actually the doors.
Maybe add a 3/4” piece of plywood and paint it to match the tank trim for piece of mind


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Glass should be fine. If it were acrylic I would be concerned. I like Chris’s idea throw that ply on the side of the stand where you won’t see it and call it a day.


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Bent glass sounds sketchy, I know the old bent glass Innovative marine tanks were prone to cracking so if it is a used one of those I would caution not to have any hang over.

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