FS Tons of baby picasso clownfish


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I have a bunch I had raised from fry. Mother is a Bali picasso father is a Nebula male from OSA. They will range from 10 to 65 at current size. If there is a legit LFS I will do a wholesale minimum of 300. Fish range in prices to the average consumer of 20 to 100. Now would be the perfect time for a harem tank. The more you buy the better the price. I have some really nice picassos I also have some really nice platinums as well as some with single stripes 2 stripes mis bars ALL KINDS. Fish are slightly over the one inch mark.

serious inquireies ONLY PLEASE.

I will include a pic of only some of them there is farrr to many to be taking individual photos of. Thank you for your understanding in that.



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Still have a lot of baby picasso's available. Crazy good deals on the more you buy.

My system of grading is far better for the consumer. My grade B's are MOST peoples grade A's my grade A's are most grade A extremes and I fully intend on keeping it that way.

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