Tons of corals for sale and a new apex el


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Tons of corals for sale! Will sell colonies aswell
Black and red acan frags- $10-40
Bright orange acan- $10-40
Dragon soul favia $10 an eye
Pink dragon soul $10 an eye
Easter egg chalice (i beleive) - $10 an eye ($30 nice feag)
War coral favia $20 frags
Fat hammer heads $30 a head
Rainbow favias $40
Butt kisser zoas $60
Purple monster zoas $15 a polyp
Og yodas $15pp
Jf afterburner $10pp
Pink zippers $10pp
GB GMK with liniage from rudy -$900
Rainbow pectinia frags $150
Orange lepto frags $15
Assorted acan frags $25
Chalice frags $20
Zebra rock flowers $20
Insane rainbow bibbletips 6"+ $125

About 60+ other types of zoas
Tons of other corals

new sealed in box
apex el $499
Probe holder $40


Oh ok. I’m in Worcester. I’ll have to make a trip up some time soon. When are you available?

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