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Looking to borrow 2 large totes/ plastic trough / rubbermaid stock tanks around 100g's each at the beginning or beginning of the middle of next month for a week, maybe 2 max. Want to use 1 for storing my freshwater fish, and the other to store my rock, and corals while i reset up tanks during the move.

Will pay a renters fee or trade corals for the use. Just checked the new prices, if yours is cheap I may buy as well.
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I have a 100 and 150 gal Rubbermaid stock tank u can borrow as Well

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Oh awesome guys. That's incredibly nice of you all thank you. Much appreciated! A little too north for me Tim, but if all fails with the other options I will most definitely hit you up.

Dale that would be amazing! Thats all I'll need for the move. I'm pretty fast on these tank moves, only have 4 tanks this time, wouldn't be more then a week or 2 max.

Tim if you can great, if not, no biggie too. I won't need them for a few weeks minimum. My mother is up in Leominster, and I have 2 storage units in leominster so I can make it up there before the move. Save you some time, and space. Maybe hit up a wachusett hike at the same time.


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Sounds good. If @Dalesreef wants me to pick up tomorrow night I can throw it in my truck for Saturday’s trip to Weymouth. If scheduling doesn’t work out we will let you know!

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