Trigger Systems Crystal Cube 18 Sump

Trigger Systems Crystal Cube 18 Sump

Doe anyone have any experience with the Trigger Systems Crystal Cube 18 Sump? I'm thinking about wasting more money and I need something to fit in a 20x24x22 space with a little room to spare. This sump is 18x18x15. I haven't been able to find any write ups or videos on it on youtube.


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No experience with that particular trigger systems sump but ive had an emerald 36 and have a sapphire 39 currently as well as an emerald ATO(10g) and they all work(have worked) extremely well and the build quality was great
Do you clean the fuge at all? I have a CTR HOB fuge right now that will get all covered with algae and I jest dropped a astraea snail in there and it keeps the clear acrylic clean.

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