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Lately I have been thinking about switching to tap water *GASP.* Well it’s done now, to counteract the huge increase in algae growth (also having tons of coral growth v.s. before) I’ve setup a fuge in a 55 gallon drum. A 1/4” rodi line brings water from the back of the display to the barrel where its valved off so it’s a fast drip. I have a small overflow for daily use and a huge one a little higher up from it for emergencies. Both drain into the sump. On top of the barrel I cut a nice rectangle out for an evergrow d120. I will be getting a red spectrum grow light soon next paycheck for better growth. I have a few strands of cheato in there now but need a bit more I think to get it effective. It’s on a 24 hour light cycle now and I even dumped a bunch of pod cysts in the bottom to expand my pod population (and to eat whatever falls to the bottom).

So far it’s been like this for a week now and I check the cheato bits every time I go near the tank haha. I’m very excited for this. I am hoping it will be a “sink” for algae and outcompete my tank. I am unsure if the d120 I have now will grow much quickly but the red spectrum light is where my money’s at. At the very least my expected outcome is to use this and maybe something like biopellets. I’m really aiming for 0 water changes in 6 months while growing corals well and keeping the algae to a minimum. I know I posted my tank for sale but if this works it will save me quite a bit of time and affording me much relaxation. Stay tuned!!


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Are you asking if the fuge will outcompete the display for algae? Or if you will have success growing coral without any water changes? Sorry I am confused yo…

In either case I would think a fuge will help with nutrient export but I wouldn't expect it to be a miracle solution to all algae control and coral growth. Especially not if you stop doing water changes...


This is more of a progressive timeline than a question also a place where people can suggest and give their thoughts. I’m hoping to track the benefits of having an enormous amount of cheato from the eh state it’s in now to next year or so. Also I plan to test for calcium, phosphate, etc and add accordingly which is why I’ll just be topping off and not changing water and keeping parameters in check. My apologies for the confusion

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