Sold Tunze Skimmer, RODI, Live sand and Media rack


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Started a new build and got some stuff down from the attic that i used for my RSM 130D.

  1. Tunze 9001 protein Skimmer - $50
  2. BRS 5-stage RODI system - $50 . Selling because I got a newer RODI system that fits well under my vanity. You will need to change the filters. I hooked it up and the TDS meter still showed the output as 0TDS.
  3. RSM 130D media rack - $15
  4. 20lb upopened bag of Caribsea Arag-Alive -- $10 Leftover from my new build.

Full disclosure -- The skimmer and RODI systems are 5 year old (bought in 2013). They have not been used since Apr-2015 when I took break. I have been good with the maintenance and have checked that they work before posting it here.

Pick up at Boxborough,MA or at mutually agreeable locations.

Thanks for looking


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