Unique Aquaria; Tewkesbury, MA

Absolutely awesome! I made the trip up there and certainly did not regret it. B was a great help as were his staff. The store was busy but you never felt like you had to wait for anything. Gorgeous corals as well as great livestock. The prices can't be beat either. Gave lots of advice and freely shared his wealth of experiences in the industry. Has a great DT of his own up front as well! Definitely will be back!

Agreed! Wonderful selection, prices and these guys care about their image AKA they will go out of their way for their customers. Stand up guys


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I've been in endless times over the years to Unique and Brenden's other operations in the past. Always quality livestock, friendly environment, and good advice in my experience.
Went there today to grab a pair of clown for my first fish in the 95g. Glad I stopped at UA as they had a ton of variety of clowns all the way from your typical "nemo" to some truly unique designers. Along with the great selection got to sit and talk to Brandon for a bit on various tank related concerns I have and his knowledge far surpasses anything you can find online.

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