FS Watchmen goby + pistol shrimp

Dany Estrada

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I need a home for these 2 beautiful fellas they have to go together they live together for 2 years but i cant keep the pistol keeps digging holes everywhere and dumping my rocks everywhere making a mess I have crush coral
So it really easy for my
Shrimos to do mountains around the tank
Goby is about 3” pistol 2” will post pics later im asking 30$ for both or trade for red mushrooms or frogspawn coral

Located in Revere Mass
Available mostly mornings


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Let me know if you guys figure out a way to catch your pistol shrimp without tearing the tank apart. I have a 3” one and he’s killed too many of his tank mates

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I planned ahead with mine. I put my base rock on the bottom of the tank before adding the sand. That way the pistol shrimp can dig and move all the sand around, but the rocks are stable and everything stays put. After 6 years, I have even added an engineer goby to the tank and holy crap he moves a lot of sand, but everything is stable in the rockwork.

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I love my sons pistol and watchman goby! Awesome to watch! Fortuneatly the rock has never tumbled. That guy has tunnels everywhere lol my boy named him x as in excavator. He’s a worker! My turbo snails did more damage to my sons tank than anything... ex turbo snails.


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this is before adding the engineer goby. These guys don’t do much excavating. I’ll have to get a pic of what the engineer goby has done.

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