FS Water Changing Station


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Pickup in Medford (by Malden)

  • Moving, and selling my water changing station, I built this for my reefer 425xl, and couldn't imagine life without it lol.
  • Store RO/DI in right tank, use left tank for mixing salt water, and then pump water to tank.
  • Cost me ~$800 in parts ($270 for containers, $220 for pump, $100 for ball valves, and other misc parts).
  • PM me for more details or questions.

Water changing station - $600
Dual 40 gallon (19" x 40") U.S. Plastic polyethylene containers, with Lids
MD-20RXT - 822 GPH - Iwaki Japanese Pump
Schedule 40 1" blue pvc pipe, with sch 80 connections
4 x 1" Cepex ball valves
RO/DI float valve (not installed, but could upon request)
3/4" braided vinyl tubing, 17'





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Want to build your own?
I also have 2 x 25 gallon equivalent containers, with lid, never used. I paid $230 ($149 + $81 shipping).

$180 for pair, with lids
2 x 25 Gallon
Polyethylene Tanks - 19" Dia. x 26" High, from U.S. Plastic
2 x lids


Braided Vinyl Tubing, 3/4", 21'


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