Water storage tanks 105gal, 160gal, 200gal & 300gal all tall cylinders


Backwoods Reefs
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$275 for 105gal 23x63
$350 for 160gl 28x69
$400 for 200gal 30x72
$540 for 300gal 35x79

All have 8" opening (lid) and 2" bulkheads

This price is picked up at my place .

Ill be placing a order in a week or so . So ket me know. These are commercial grade poly tanks and are brand new



Backwoods Reefs
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200gallon on plastic mart is $500 shipped. My price is $400 . Hopeing to get a few people and get them shipped in bulk saving everyone $100+ on there purchase


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GLWS, I wish I had room for a couple of these bad boys.


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Wish I had gotten one of these before all the brute barrels started taking up space.

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