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  • Everything looks different now. Did something change?
    • Yes, indeed. We switched to new forum software and made many changes to the forums in order to ease administration and, hopefully, make the site easier to use.
  • Do I still need to use Photobucket or some other external site for images?
    • Nope. You can just upload images directly along with your post. Large images are automatically downsized so they don't take up too much space on our server.
  • How do I embed an image in my post?
    • Assuming you're already on the 'Create Thread' page, you should see an 'Upload a File' button below the text editing area. Click that button, find your image and upload it. You should see a thumbnail of it now next to "Attached Files:". Click the 'Full Image' button and the image will appear in your post at position of the blinking text cursor.
    • If you've previously copied an image to the clipboard you can just paste it right into your post.
  • Is there a way to tell if a user is an actual (dues-paying) member of the Boston Reefers Society?
    • Dues-paying members will have a banner below their avatar that looks like this:
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