What is this?


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Anyone know what this is? It’s every where. I have been running GFO and everything is in check. I built an algae scrubber last week and it’s still clean. I tried uploading a video but it didn’t work.

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That’s strange looking. I haven’t seen that before. It looks fuzzy.... kinda like a mold or fungus growth.

Good luck with the search.

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My buddy got this when he started with dry rock and bacteria in a bottle. It was defeated by manual removal over a few weeks along with maturation of the rock. If it’s the same stuff it would come off in clumps when turkey basted and it was slimy and gelatinous in texture.


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If it looks like real short clear GHA then I had the same thing when I started with dry rock as well. Snails didnt eat it either. But my blenny I think picked at it. I just left it alone, ran carbon and GFO and it went away on it's own like most of my algae issues have so far.

Chris A.

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The vitamins and aminos are carbon sources. If you can just avoid them for a bit and see if it changes. Also the granulated carbon and gfo will help clear it up some

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