WTB wtb tank sutable for a reptile

I know i know this is a fish board, but seeing is anyone has a 4-6' long tank for my bearded dragon about the same height as a 40 gal breeder tank. thanks


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If you can wait until petco has their $1 a gallon sale again, try have 40breeders and 55standards, but I'm sure a bunch of people have used tanks kickin around too
I have a 90 gallon acrylic tank you can have for free. It has a crack in the top rim which is why can no longer be used as an aquarium but would be excellent for a reptile cage. It is reef ready with a blue back. I also have not cleaned it from when it was drained so there is algae growth on the sides. I am told that it comes off easily with vinegar but I haven't tried yet. I can send pictures if you send me your email address.


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