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Prices are discounted/OBO if you buy multiple items!

Moving out of Boston, will add more as I go through my things and livestock is sold. Pickup in Charlestown, MA, close to the Bunker Hill monument.

Front row left to right
Branching hammer colony 15+ heads SOLD
Large zoa colony #1 $50 $30
Large zoa colony #2 SOLD
Rainbow incinerator zoa colony 13+ polyps 100$
Rainbow incinerator zoa colony 10 polyps 80$
Scrambled eggs zoa colony about 20 polyps 90$
Rainbow incinerator zoa colony 7 polyps 60$
Scrambled eggs zoa colony 8 polyps SOLD

Second row left to right
Fully encrusted green slimer $30
Holy grail micromussa 12 adult 8+ baby polyps Gone
Neon green blastomussa colony $80

Rock with Superman monti colony, rainbow monti colony, purple stylo colony, and rainbow stylo colony $250

Large rock with green Rhodactis indosinensis Hairy mushrooms $100

Centerpiece rock with large rainbow monti colony, 3x montipora setosa, green slimmer, neon green blastomussa, red blastomussa $250

Rock on the left with rainbow incinerators, bam bams, purple monsters, sunny d $250
Flat rock on the right with 4 rainbow incinerators SOLD

Green slimer, la lakers, Twizzlers, blue eyed blondes, radioactive dragoneyes, rastas $300

Centerpiece arched rock with Coco's Keeling Ultra maxima (firmly attached, not risking trying to get it off the rock), 2 large rainbow rhodactis, ricordea yuma, ricordea florida (2), forest fire digitata $300

Regular Instant Ocean 50gal bag $10
Vertex ROX 0.8 Carbon 1000ml $10
BRS pharma calcium chloride 6.5lbs $18
Unoppened BRS pharma magnesium chloride 7lbs $20
Unoppened Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Pellet Marine Sinking Micro Pellets - 19.3 oz $20
Resintech MBD-30 Nuclear Grade Mixed Bed DI Resin, 5LB $30 (1 sold, 1 left)
9.7lbs Aquaforest stone fix $40
Charliecard with $100 in it $80
Aragonite Sand, 10 lbs 4 available, SOLD
Regular Instant Ocean 200gal box ALL SOLD
Rock formations SOLD

Gravel vacuum $Free with coral purchase
2 head 1.1ml continuous doser $Free with coral purchase
Red sea wavemaker controller $Free with coral purchase
Fluval 406 canister filter $Free with coral purchase
CPR CS102 overfrow (broken and repaired) $Free with coral purchase
Various flexible tubing $Free with coral purchase
4x 10 gal tanks drilled in upper back right corner (used for ATO) $5 each
Finnex 150w heater with digital controller $25
Lifegard Intelli-Feed Aquarium Fish Feeder $50
Never used Finnex MAX 300 Heater Controller $20
4x Somatic UF-1 Fluidized Media Filter (used as chaeto reactors) $20 each
Tom Aquatics Aqua-Lifter Dosing Pump + holder $25
Jebao dp-4 4 head dosing pump (just discovered that 1 of the 4 heads is stuck) $35 $20
Hydor ETH 300 In-Line Heater 300 Watt - 5/8 inch $40
2x LED panels used them to grow cheato like crazy $45 for both
2x 20 gallon super high quality mixing barrels with lids, one fitted with rodi float valve $60 $30 each, $45 for both
Aqua UV 15W sterilizer $70
Coralife 48" 4 bulb fixture. $80
Seneye reef monitor + 6 spare monitoring slides $200
Glass scraper SOLD
75W Eheim JAGER Aquarium Heater SOLD
Hydrofarm Active Aqua Air Pump, 4 Outlets, 6W, 15 L/min SOLD
Fish trap/acclimation box SOLD
Coral viewer SOLD
150W aqueon heater SOLD
Eheim programmable electronic fish feeder SOLD
Fish Mate Automatic Feeder SOLD
Unused 80ft spool of 5/8 inner diameter clear vinyl tubing SOLD
APEX lite brain, energy Bar 8 temp probe, and Apex usb power cable. SOLD


Radioactive dragoneyes zoa colony about 50 heads SOLD
Hollywood stunner chalice SOLD
Superman monti colony SOLD
Utter chaos zoa 4 heads+baby $40
Jack-o'-lantern leptoseris colony SOLD
Flat rock with 3 ricordia color morphs SOLD
Rainbow acan colony SOLD
Scrambled eggs zoa colony about 30 heads Gone
Rainbow incinerators zoa colony 25+ heads Gone
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