Sold 180GPD RODI $50


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Hoping this is allowed as ths is part of another FS thread that has gotten pretty long and tough to navigate. Need this gone before I take it off line. Slashing price to $50 and not looking to hold, ship etc... looking for someone that needs this and can come down soon. Membranes were replaced in february

Spectrapure 180GPD RODI. Great unit and can make a lot of water in a short bit of time, I can make 30-35 gallons of 0 TDI in about 5 hours. Comes with Flush valve and shutoff float valve. tank is gone and have been making 3 gallons every week to keep membranes wet. Comes with an extra sediment filter. Membranes were replaced in February.

Pickup is in Leominster MA


Check out my other FS thread for lots of Odds and ends still available


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Damn seriously? I'm about to grab this for the hell of it even though don't have any tank up right now.
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