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I am starting a new par meter thread and I will be keeping this up to date and hopefully improve the tracking of the par meter. Please read this full post, and make sure all rules are followed. When I start getting private messages and all the correct info is not included I may be to busy to reply and you may be skipped over until all info is sent. Please no posting in this thread to keep it clean.

There is only one par meter now.

Below are the stipulations to borrowing the par meter.

1. You must have current paid membership through your intended time period with the light meter.

2. You must contact @Joker and let him know you are interested in getting put into the rotation.

3. It is the responsibility of the member who is wanting to take possession of the par meter to arrange pickup of the meter. If the member relinquishing possession of the par meter wants to work with you then so be it.

4. When the members have exchanged possession of the par meter, it is both their responsibility to Pm Joker that they either have possession or have relinquished possession of the par meter off to (member name) please include which par meter was exchanged, north or south.

5. There is a $20.00 deposit that accepting member of the par meter gives to the relinquishing member of the par meter that accompanies the par meter. (this is to ensure movement of the par meter)

6. You must PM @Joker your full legal name, phone number, alternate phone#, valid email, and current legal address. All this info must be PM to Joker or you will not be added to the list in this first post.

7. It should not take more than 10 calendar days to complete your testing. If an issue occurs requiring more time contact @Joker through PM and the member next in line to receive the par meter.

8. Do not accept the par meter for testing if you are going on vacation or an unforeseen issue arises. Contact @Joker to get bypassed on the list and bumped to the next immediate slot.

9. The BOD reserves the right to change the rules as needed to keep the light meter a positive benefit for the members.

In possession of par meter @Alex Bonanno
2. @JimN
3. @Slombardi
4. @Mixed Reefer
5. @mandrake
6. @Owen386
7.@Richard Kagen
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How many different people do I have to give my personal info to. Take me off the list


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@goggs99 sorry you feel the way you do, as you can tell by this thread it has changed hands and @aresangel hasn't been active in a bit. I understand the whole privacy thing but he's trying to pick up where it left off. If Tim would answer, he wouldn't be asking for your information again. Have a nice day.


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Also with the covid surge is equipment being passed around wise at this time. And as many times the meter is getting sprayed with a sanitizer it is good for the longevity of it. Just a thought


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Please add me to the list once this resumes. PM sent to Joker with my details. Thanks!
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