FS 90 gal. system for sale. Just add water and go.


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Hi All,

I'm selling my 90gal. complete system. Tank, Stand, Sump, return pump and all plumbing. The system is 5 years old. Tank has a corner overflow. The tank measurements 48x18x25. The sump is a DIY from a 30gal. It has filter sock holder that supports 2-4" Dia. socks. with a max length of 14". Sump has 3 chambers. Area for a skimmer, Refugium, and return pump. The return pump is a Jebao DC8000 and has worked with no issue. The return line has 2-1/2" ports to run various reactors. Plumbing is designed for easy maintenance with unions.

$350.00 and this whole thing is yours. Maybe able to set up delivery in eastern Ma. for a fee.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Price drop!


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Sorry for the delay. The tanks not pristine. My yellow tang liked to nibble on the inner seams. I can send you close up pics of them if you want. However there not any scratches
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