Sold All corals for sale


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Getting out, looking to see if there’s any interest as a lot of corals to start. Everything seen in photos included. Battling dinos and everything isn’t looking the best it once was(photo is few weeks previous to show corals.

Torches are dragon soul(big 3 heads starting to pinch it looks) 2-3 head info gold, looks like one seperated head other is pinched almost split to make 3) reaper torch, indo green big pinched head splitting multiple ways, and yellow tipped torch.

Hammers single gold head, teal, bright green tipped big piece, splatter hammer, and what used to be a “24k” gold/yellow hammer(colors faded)

about 5 different acan frags, all atleast 3 heads with multiple smaller ones forming, a blasto frag and multiple acro frags

looking for $400? Are they worth that?
Current photo of tank(just turned lights on after them being out) I’ll get another one after lights have been on tomorrow.


Photo right before dinos started to give an idea of the torches and hammer sizes
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I’m interested if it falls through I can come Sunday morning, here’s my number feel free to text me , 4016885865


I’m sorry that’s a real bummer .I wouldn’t give up though I’d dip them all in hydrogen peroxide and do a huge amount of water changes. They’ll come back !Good Luck Anyway!
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