WTB Established Small (1-2lb) Piece of Live Rock or Live Rock Rubble


I'm getting back into the hobby and starting up a nano this weekend. I'm mostly using dry rock and NSW in the tank, but I'm looking for a small piece (a pound or so) of established live rock or even a handful of rubble to seed the tank and help the initial cycle along. Anyone in the immediate Boston area (Boston, East Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Revere, Winthrop, Medford, Malden, Everett) have some they'd be willing to sell? Alternatively, I'm open to suggestions for a LFS around here that has a good, established, and relatively parasite-free supply. I've been out of the hobby for more than 5 years and I haven't had a tank since I moved to Boston so I'm unfamiliar with the local shops.

I'd love something covered in coralline, bonus points if there's a hardy polyp or mushroom or two that might survive a cycle.

I'm flexible on price (PM me) and available to pickup tomorrow and Friday after 5 and Saturday AM. Thanks.


Thanks - probably not doable this weekend, but if you're still interested in selling in a few weeks (and it's available), I may reach out.
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