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Hello BRS,

We are excited to offer you something extra fun. For the next 2 weeks any coral order over $199 receives FREE SHIPPING AND A FREE CORAL. Just include in the checkout notes that you want a free coral. You can even let us know if you want a sps, lps, softy or zoanthid. We will ultimately pick the final item but feel free to make some suggestions ;)

Some examples of what is currently on sale...

ORA Pearlberry $9.99!
CLICK HERE to claim yours :eek:


Gorgeous Blue Hypnea macro algae now 71% off!
CLICK HERE to get some (y)


$4.99 Purple Death Palys!
CLICK HERE to add a splash of purple to your tank :cool:


View all the sale items by CLICKING HERE

Thanks for looking,
Cultivated Reef
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Final hours on our 3 insanely priced door busters!!!

$9.99 ORA Pearlberry Acros
71% off Blue Hypnea macro algae
$4.99 purple death palys!

Details on all three of these are shown on the first post of this thread! Hurry, this offer ends Sunday at noon eastern time!!!
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