Mike's 270-gallon custom build


New tank was ordered this week so figured I would start this build thread. Went back and forth several times trying to decide on a manufacturer. I did quite a bit of research here and was considering Reef Savy, Miracles and Coast to Coast. Reef Savy was quite frankly just way out of my price range at over 10k for the tank without shipping. Miracles and Coast to Coast ended up being fairly similar in cost with me picking up from Coast to Coast in NJ vs shipped from Miracles.

I have seen good reviews from Miracles. Customer service seems to be amazing and the rare issues you hear about, they generally will replace the tank if that is needed no questions. I have seen a few of their tanks and all have looked great. Coast to Coast on the other hand, I have never heard of any issues with any of their tanks and can't find any negative reviews online. Their tank when I did my initial quote request was considerably more but they are running a 15% off sale until Christmas which put it only a couple hundred dollars more than the miracles option. Coast to Coast got my buisness.

Tank is going to be a peninsula, 72"x36"x24" (LxWxH) with the three viewing sides being low iron glass. External overflow. Estimate is about 3 months to get it built.

This is not my tank obviously but one with same dimensions and options built by Coast to Coast recently
tank preview.jpg
Excellent Mike!
What’s the lead time?
They are quoting 12-14 weeks. From what I see online they generally hit their timelines or deliver earlier than quoted so we’ll see.

thanks for answering all my questions too. Your experiences with Miracles was what was leaning me toward them initially.

the only option they really don’t do is the one price eurobrace. They would put one on but not provide a warrenty on the tank saying there needs to be some flex. Interesting how different vendors do different things. In the end the euro brace will be at my eye level so I didn’t think would be very noticable
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I don’t even see my one piece eurobrace much. 12-14weeks is quick.
Take good care of what’s inside the tank and that’s all it matters. :)
Very nice Mike. That's going to be badass. Looking forward to hearing the details!
For a stand, I went a completely different route this time and went extruded aluminum. It is a modular, T-slot system from framing tech. Saw the frame that Paul got in his build thread and went with the same option. I opted for leveling feet so I don't need to worry about the floor being perfectly level and don't need to use shims. Moved the frame into my office to start working on the wood skin.

frame tech stand.jpg

This being my first metal stand, I was trying to come up with a clever way to attach a wood skin and came up with a threaded insert meant for furniture,, some 1/4 20 stainless steel allen screes and some right-angle brackets from framing tech. Think this will work out great.!
insert and screw.jpg
insert in panel.jpg
secure to frame.jpg
80 Gallon has been taken down and cleaned up. Will re plumb in the basement as my quarantine system. The fish and coral I had left after my alk issue over the summer have all been moved into the frag tank. Now just need to put a sump on that and disconnect the 100 gallon rubbermaid to clean it out and be ready to plumb the new tank.
80g taken down.jpg

Put the new stand in its place and have the plywood sheeting cut to size.
stand 2.jpg

Have three sides all measured up for the trim and doors, one more to measure out and then cut the door openings. then just need to add the detail molding and top rail. It is moving along. Helps I am on vacation through New Year!
stand 1.jpg
Great work on skinning the stand Mike. My tank has been running for over 14months and the stand is still bare metal. Your tank is not even here yet and the stand is pimped out.
I may need your guidance on this.
Great work on skinning the stand Mike. My tank has been running for over 14months and the stand is still bare metal. Your tank is not even here yet and the stand is pimped out.
I may need your guidance on this.
I don’t think my wife would be too appreciative if I leave the stand unfinished for a long time. I know once the tank gets here I will be busy with other things setting it up so hoping to finish that part before hand. Don’t think I would be of much help. The reason I went modular aluminum is I couldn’t come up with a good mounting strategy for any of the steel stands other than having tabs welded on.
Light rail came last night. Will be hanging this from cathedral ceiling and then mounting my six 16" reef breeders to it for now and see how that works.
light rail.jpg

Put the plywood top on the stand, just need to pick up the sound deadening material coast to coast recommends on top. Cut the floor. Left the last 20 or so inches open for where all the plumbing will go through the floor to the basement. I will put a wall under the stand at that point to mount all my vortech controllers and my Apex outlet and modules.

Some pics of stand. Last thing left is touch up the nail holes and where there is wood filler from any small gaps.

stand 5.jpg
stand 6.jpg
stand 7.jpg

Last thing is to finish off with a top rail and a little trim to match the top of the header going into the room
trim 2.jpg