Benefits of Being a Paid Member and Supporter of BRS

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Just in case anyone is or was wondering what benefits there are to supporting the club through paid membership. This includes, but not limited to the following:

Benefits of BRS membership (what your membership dollars help fund):

Monthly Outside Speakers

The club pays travel and other costs associated with bringing in world class experts in miniature reefkeeping (equipment, systems, lighting, chemistry), larval fish and invertebrate rearing, academic coral research, and coral reef diving to speak at our monthly meetings.

Water Testing

For a small donation ($5 runs the whole battery of tests) to the club at monthly meetings you can have your water tested for Salinity (calibrated refractometer), Alkalinity (titration with acid to 4.2 pH with a calibrated pH probe), Calcium and Magnesium (modified HACH kit – calibrated using artificial saltwater std.), low range (down to 0.02 ppm) Phosphate (HANNA test meter). Volume of sample requires is 250 ml (don't skimp please). Also, the club gives out free samples of a lab prepared refractometer standard at meetings. Come with your own sample container.


A high quality Apogee MQ-510 (PAR Meter) that can be borrowed and used for testing your home lighting system. Allows you to better decide whether your bulbs have lost intensity, to compare the lighting at various depths and locations in your tank, and also to compare your lighting to other members tanks.

Fish Trap

6" TankMatez Fish Trap that can be borrowed to help you catch that problem fish.

Club forum

Hosting, maintenance, and operation of a club discussion forum that allows for detailed discussion of reefkeeping topics with local experts, and sales and trading of excess/used equipment and tank-raised livestock. The forum also facilitates a host of club activities such as club governance, local get togethers/parties, tank tours, sponsored discount group buys on equipment and livestock, pooled orders to save on shipping, member polls for local fish stores rating, photography contests, and tons of other way cool stuff.

More PMs
Paid members PM boxes have been increased to 500 :)

Customizable Profile Privacy
Profile privacy has been instituted(for paid members). This gives paid members the ability to choose who sees what in there profile.

You can change these setting in your UserCP under "profile privacy"

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