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Ann. Big Announcement: 2023 Coral College - December 9th!

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The Boston Reefers Society in collaboration with the Marine Science Magnet High School (MSMHS) in Groton Connecticut invite you to the first annual “Coral College” Frag Show and Educational Symposium. With roots in education and conservation, this event promises to, not only, showcase some of the finest corals in New England but also promote the educational side of the Coral Reef and Marine ornamental hobby.

When: December 9th 2023 11AM-4PM...

Event BRS and All Things Aquatic | Summer Party 2023

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@BRS Member,

Come and show some love @All Things Aquatic on August 12th from 1-5PM. Typical BBQ fare to be provided by Boston Reefers Society, burgers, hot dogs, chips, and refreshments. Raffle prizes and BRS merch available as well. Hope to see you all there:)
BRSATA BBQ (Instagram Post (Square)).png

Ann. Reef Automation with Vinny from GHL | Friday July 14th | 7PM

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@BRS Member

This Friday night, July 14th at 7PM we will be hosting a Live Zoom with Vinny from GHL. He will be discussing Reef Automation and showing off some of their products.

Reef Automation wVinny from GHL (1).png

Boston Reefers Society is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Reef Automation with Vinny from GHL
Time: [COLOR=rgb(44...

Water Changes, Yes or No?

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New Reef Discovered in the Galapagos

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Managing Tissue Necrosis by Mike Paletta | Reef Builders Article

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Here's a nice article about managing tissue necrosis.

Ann. Who's your favorite (local) reef hero to follow on Social Media?

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The BRS is looking for the hot account(s) to follow for some reefing inspiration. Youtube, Insta, TikTok etc all apply.

@BRS Member Ready set go!



Sea Urchins and Caribbean Coral Health

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Interesting little article.. Martin Moe spoke about this year's ago at MACNA (2010?).

14 Things you didn't know about UV Sterilizers | Written by Jeremy Gay of Reef Builders

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MASNA Cancels MACNA Pittsburgh 2023 Show

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Polo Reef by Andrew Sandler | Tribute to Jake Addams

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In case anyone missed the Instagram live at 2AM. Andrew has bought Jake's corals to create a stunning tribute to continue the legacy and help preserve his personal collection for years to come.

Watch here:

Reef Builders Announces New Ownership

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Reef Builders has announced that Raj Shingadia co-owner of MRC and longtime friend of Jake Addams is their new owner.
Check out the article here

Event 2023 Frag Farmers Market | March 4th | 10-4 | E.O. Smith High School | Storrs, CT

Would you like to be on the "Featured Thread on the Home Page"?

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Hey All,

How would y'all like to have your build or something amazing photo featured on the home page. Form here on out, any article, contest winning photo, build thread, or exciting news can be featured on the home page. We'll periodically be changing them as time progresses. So if you want to be featured, start blasting amazing content and we'll vote on what goes up.

Mike's 270-gallon custom build

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New tank was ordered this week so figured I would start this build thread. Went back and forth several times trying to decide on a manufacturer. I did quite a bit of research here and was considering Reef Savy, Miracles and Coast to Coast. Reef Savy was quite frankly just way out of my price range at over 10k for the tank without shipping. Miracles and Coast to Coast ended up being fairly similar in cost with me picking up from Coast to Coast in NJ vs shipped from Miracles.

I have seen good...

Nick's 345G Build

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Welcome to another new chapter of Nick Liu's build thread. lol. Hopefully, this one will be up longer than the 3 years on the last Miracle build. The last tank build can be found here. And the prior tank is somewhere in that thread. I think it's toward the end.

Long story short, we moved last September and there was no way I could deal with moving that 360G with a 10 month-old at...

Rock-n-Reef’s IM 112 Gallon Lagoon style build (or rather the 2020 Corona build!)

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Tank builds are always the exciting part of this hobby. With each build we make mistakes, we learn, and when it’s time to upgrade, we try not to make the mistakes again. So here I’m upgrading my grow-out tank. The current one is an Innovative Marine Nuvo 40 gallon drilled with a modified stand and Skimz UP18 sump.

Why am I upgrading? As mentioned above, to correct some mistakes, the 40 gallon is too small to keep some fish that can help me in the tank maintenance, and…...